Along with the iPhones, the Apple Watch has received an upgrade too. Inside the new Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple today unveiled the third edition of the Apple Watch, which is the first of the series to come with LTE support. Which means that with LTE users will now be able to leave your their paired iPhones behind, and still be able to take calls on the smartwatch. The WatchOS 4 will be available in Apple Stores starting September 19.

With the Apple Watch 3, the company has made enhancement to its most popular feature, that is the heart rate sensor. Now, you will be able to see your heart rate right on the face of the Watch. Second, the Watch will now be able to tell users if their heart beat falls and there is no movement by the user. Third, Apple Watch can now also detect arrhythmia, when your heart beats irregularly.

Also, Apple announced the Apple Heart Study, which uses data from Apple Watch and can notify users. Working with Stanford and FDA. First phase of the study available in the App Store later this year.

Additionally, besides cellular connectivity. Apple Watch 3 will now let you stream music directly through the watch. To be precise, users can stream about 40 million songs on the watch. Besides, the Apple Watch 3 will maintain 18-hour battery life.

Under the hood, the Apple Watch 3 is powered by a dual-core processor, which Apple says is “really really powerful”. Apparently, processor allow 85 percent faster connectivity. Also, with the dual-core processor, the Siri on the Watch can now talk, which is a first for the Watch series.

Further, the Watch 3 uses a new chip called W2 for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also uses a new altimeter. The size of the device is the same as the Series 2.

The Apple Watch 3 not only shows a user the steps they have walked, and the calories they burn – like the previous series did – but it can also monitor blood glucose levels (read no more painful needles). Earlier this year, such a patent by Apple was also leaked.

Tim Cook, at tonight’s event says, more people are using Apple Watch than ever. He said the watch’s demand grew 50 percent year-over-year. Last year, the Apple Watch was the second most popular watch world over after Rolex, this year however, it has become the most popular watch world over.

The Series 3 comes in a variation of cases. It has a rose gold finish. Apple is also adding a ceramic watch with a silver finish.

The Watch 3 comes in two variants. The one with LTE support comes at $399, and one without it for $329. The order for the watch will begin September 15, with the sales beginning on September 22.

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