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After a few famous franchise titles and hyped game,  a new indie game hit the the stores which attracts our eyes towards it.

Vacate – A way to infinite, is the game which have some juice in it to relax your mind and body.

It got some soothing art and music to relax your muscles, and you can relax on you couch playing it several hours. It’s somewhat addicting that you’ll always try to break your own record.

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Controls are simple and game is difficult at initial stage.

You have to tap and trap the ball into the circle and make scores. Leave the finger from the screen and ball will go into the direction of moving arrow and the circle will become vacant.

Speed of gameplay will gradually increase and you’ll start getting more into the game.

It’s a one finger games with some fast reflexes and brain complexity.

Vacate is not a new type of gameplay but it’s modified enough to give you a new vibe of great and new gameplay.

Checkout the gameplay.



We found this game interesting and it gave a new sweet taste to our taste buds. Let us know what you think about it in the comment box.