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Nokia's smartphones fail to take off during holiday season
Indian mobile phone brand Micromax launches in Russia, aims to release 14 smartphones in 2014
Samsung reportedly rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat update for Galaxy Note 3 in India
Nokia's first Android smartphone could be called the Nokia X
WSJ: iPhone 6 will definitely have a bigger screen, two new iPhones coming this fall
Major outage takes down multiple Google services [updated]
iPhone 6 parts purportedly shown in new leak [updated]
You'll download full movies in a second on South Korea's 5G network
Google Glass now supports prescription frames and lenses

In December last year, we saw the first photos of the Google Glass with prescription frames surface online. Today, Google has made things official by announcing that these prescription Google Glasses (Explorer Edition) will be available on the Google Glass Web Store this week.

Prescription glasses are a feature that has been widely requested in Google's Explorer program, and Google will be finally offering it in partnership with VSP, which is an US-based Health insurance provider. One will be able to choose from four different titanium-made prescription frames - Bold, Curve, Thin and Split - priced at $225 or two new shades of sunglasses - Active and Edge - which are priced at $150 each. Counting the already available colors on the Google Glass and these new add-ons, one will be able to choose from around 40 combinations.
iBall Andi 4.5 Ripple entry-level Android smartphone launched, prices start at Rs 5,499
Yet another sign that Windows Phone is on the way up
Google Glass now supports prescription frames and lenses

Air India to offer Wi-Fi service to passengers on board

The iPhone 6 may have a different kind of wireless charging

MTNL, BSNL may offer free roaming from January 26

Apple fan explains what it's like to use Android for six months

Why is BlackBerry wasting time with BBM for Android Gingerbread?

Blackberry is working to bring its messenger app BBM to Android Gingerbread, as we reported earlier today. What was earlier exclusively available to Blackberry users, the popular messenger was opened up for iOS and Android last year. At the time of launch, BBM was available exclusively for devices running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich or above, which left out Gingerbread, the three-year-old version of Android that was popular among entry-level Android smartphones. So today's news about BBM coming for Gingerbread, is certainly good for Gingerbread users. But we want to know why is BlackBerry wasting its time making an app no one seems to be using for a platform that is quickly becoming irrelevant?

Don't get us wrong, you see it's undeniably a good thing to have an app (BBM in this case) available across the whole range of Android OS, but given the way Gingerbread's share has been decreasing steadily, it's doubtful if the whole exercise of making an app is for an old version is of any worth. To put things into perspective, Gingerbread's share of all Android devices was 28.5 percent in October, 26.3 percent in November, 24.1 percent in December, before registering 21.2 percent share this month. The drop is expected to be more significant in the coming months when no new Android smartphone is launched running Gingerbread out of the box, considering Android KitKat can run on devices with just 512MB of RAM.
BlackBerry has finally started rolling out BB OS 10.2.1 update for all of its BB10 smartphone users. In a closed door briefing yesterday, the company took us through the new features and how it listened to its customers and added features they wanted. Despite having used a BlackBerry smartphone only briefly, I found myself making mental tick marks as the BlackBerry spokesperson introduced one feature after another. Yes, these were the issues I faced on BB1o and they have been resolved.

Finally I can click on an onscreen notification and directly go to it, rather than having to go through the hub experience. The hub too has been made more customizable, which I believe will make the experience slightly better, though I am not a big fan of the implementation. The notification bar on the tab finally gets a quick settings option, which can be completely customized. And thank god, the update makes it easy for me to receive or ignore calls (how difficult was that?).

BlackBerry finally gives an OS its users deserve

Apple is working on an amazing new camera system for future iPhones

The quality of photos captured using cameras in leading smartphones like Apple's iPhone lineup has gotten very impressive over the past few years. As smartphones get thinner and pack more technology, however, there's only so much vendors can do in that small amount of space. New technology Apple is currently developing will look to tackle the issue by moving some of the heavy lifting outside of the phone itself and into a series of lens attachments that could dramatically extend the iPhone camera's capabilities.

A pair of patent applications unearthed by AppleInsider on Tuesday combine to describe a mechanism that would allow the cameras on future iPhones (probably not the iPhone 6, unfortunately) and other portable Apple devices to be enhanced by a series of lens attachments. The add-on lenses would fix to Apple's iPhone or iPad using a series of magnets and an "alignment ridge" that would help ensure proper placement.

The patents covering the new system are patent No. 8,638,369, which describes a "back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options." And patent No. 8,639,106, which covers a "magnetic add-on lenses with alignment ridge."
MWC 2014 Live: Nokia X and Nokia X+ announced, its first "Android" smartphones

Just as we had expected, Nokia unveiled the Nokia X, which is its first device to run on Android OS. What took us by surprise though, Nokia also announced its second Android smartphone at the same time called the Nokia X+.
More proof, if proof were needed, that Android won the smartphone OS wars: Nokia, the former world No.1 smartphone maker and, nowadays, the primary OEM for Microsoft's third-placed Windows Phone platform has just announced a new family of smartphones built upon the Android Open Source Project - confirming a slew of earlier rumours that Nokia was cooking up an Android device strategy.
EveryThing you need to know about Nokia X is here
Samsung Galaxy S5 has tepid design, but plenty of specs appeal (hands-on)

BARCELONA, Spain -- Metal body design? Nope. Eye-wateringly crisp 2K+ display? Nuh-uh. Overhauled Android interface? Only a little. After all the rumors and hype, the Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed with much fanfare at Mobile World Congress is more an iteration on the Galaxy S line than the fresh, whiz-bang package we'd all come to hope for and even expect.

Yes, it has a fingerprint scanner, and a heart rate sensor, too, not to mention Android 4.4 KitKat and a roster of muscular specs. From what I've seen, the Galaxy S5 shapes up to be an excellent device that will keep Samsung at or near the top of the smartphone heap. Yet the been-there, done-that design isn't novel enough to trample rivals the way Samsung might hope.....Continue Reading

Blackberry Z10 gets a price cut, now available for Rs 18,990 in India
Blackberry Messenger to soon arrive on Windows Phone and Nokia X devices
Holi 2014: 7 waterproof smartphones you can buy this Holi

The festival of colors is near and like us many of will surely be worried about your smartphones getting drenched. No matter how careful you are there is always that one moment when someone splashes water on you and your heart skips a beat thinking about the phone in your pocket. Thankfully, now you can buy a waterproof device that can easily survive the festival. Here are the best devices you can buy ahead of Holi this year.