Last night, Apple released the third beta for iOS 9 to its registered developers. The new firmware with build number 13A4293g is now available for iPhones, iPad and iPod touch, and enables a few new features as well as introduce a few new changes.

Most of the improvements on iOS 9 Beta 3 are under-the-hood, and enables features like Apple News, Proactive Assistant, Transit in Apple Maps and the new Notes app.Apple had unveiled these features during the short demo of the operating system at WWDC last month.

Apple News, as the name suggests, is a Flipboard-like service that curates news from different sources including ESPN, New York Times, and Conde Nast, to name a few. Depending upon the publications and topics, the app will curate a list of news stories for the user.

Proactive Assistant is something inspired by Google Now, and in essence tries to anticipate what you want based on location, time, the app you have opened, and so on. For example, if you run in the morning, your phone can learn that you like to listen to music. It can offer music when you plug in headphones. It also gets a feature that is fairly similar to what Truecaller does. In case you get a call from an unknown number, it will search phone numbers in your emails and try to identify the caller. Unlike the app though, Apple isn’t crowdsourcing the call information, nor does it upload your phonebook to its servers to improved caller ID for other users.

The improved Notes app boasts features like the ability to make checklists, add photos to any notes or even doodle with your finger. Your notes will now be stored on iCloud, so your lists are updated across all your iOS devices. Lastly, the transit feature on Apple Maps lets users navigate bus, subways, or train routes. Apple says, “When you plan a route, every step of your trip is laid out from point A to point B. And with the Nearby feature, it’s easier to see what’s around you and decide on places to shop, eat, and more.”

In addition to enabling the aforementioned features, iOS 9 Beta 3 has also brought along a few new changes. These include separate folders in Photos for selfies and screenshots, a new calendar icon, and a new 4×4 grid layout for icons in folders for iPads. Furthermore, Siri has also dropped its signature ‘Ding’ sound when activated.

As mentioned above, iOS 9 Beta 3 is already available for registered users, and will be open to the public sometime later this month as a public beta. As tradition goes, Apple is likely to release the final version of iOS 9 for everyone sometime in September.