After being sacked by his own company Housing.com, Rahul Yadav seems to have a lot of free time in hand. Yesterday he posted photos of his bags packed as he couldn’t afford to pay the rent of his posh Mumbai penthouse. Today, the enfant terrible of India’s startup scene, Yadav is looking for a girlfriend on Facebook.



We don’t know whether it is just his constant need to stay in the limelight after his public fallouts during the last few months or he really looking for a companion, Yadav is turning out to be nothing close to being the poster boy of Indian startup scene as he was once considered. Yadav has been involved in quite a few public spats with peers in the industry, the media and even the investors and board of directors of his own company. Housing.com and Yadav shot to limelight after raising $90 million in an investment round led by Softbank last December at a valuation of Rs 1,500 crore.

However, Yadav ended up irking everyone first with a spat with Sequoia’s India chief, then Zomato and Olacabs founders and eventually his investors and board of directors when he called them intellectually incapable and not worthy of his time. After resigning once and then making up with the board, Yadav did another publicity stunt by relinquishing his stake in the company and distributing it to employees. Eventually the patience of investors ran out and Yadav was booted out from his own company.

Earlier this week Housing.com’s website was hacked with a placeholder showing support for Yadav. He, however, distanced himself from the incident. And as far finding a girlfriend is concerned, Yadav would do well to ‘look up’ Tinder than Facebook.