As expected, Apple has announced Proactive Assistant with iOS 9, which is Apple’s take on Google Now. Just like Google Now, Proactive Assistant would give you a heads up about your calendar entries and advise you when to leave to make an appointment.

Proactive Assistant, as the name suggests, will now anticipate what you want based on location, time, the app you have opened, and so on. For example, if you run in the morning, your phone can learn that you like to listen to music. It can offer music when you plug in headphones. It may also offer an audiobook in the car if that’s what you do when you get into the car. It can also automatically add calendar invitations you have received on mails and add it to your calendar.

It also brings a live caller ID of sorts. In case you get a call from an unknown number, it will search phone numbers in your emails and try to identify the caller. Unlike Truecaller, it doesn’t crowdsource the information nor does it upload your phonebook to its servers to improved caller ID for other users.

A neat feature is when you pull down the spotlight shade, it will now show you a list of people you might want to reach out to depending on your calendar appointments or even apps depending on the task you are at. Apple is also introducing a deep link API, which will let it look into the user data stored behind any app, so when a user searches for something, it will be able to also bring out relevant data from other apps that are also stored on the device.

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi also took a a jab at Google, says all the information for Proactive Assistant stays on the device and not on the cloud. It is not associated with the Apple ID and is completely anonymous.