Apple has kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 by announcing the latest iteration of Mac OS X, called the “El Capitan.” The successor to Yosemite essentially focuses on two key areas – experience and performance.

Apple started off things by announcing that the previous version Yosemite has become the fastest adopted PC operating system. In just eight months, nearly 55 percent of Macs are running on Yosemite.

In terms of experience, Apple is focusing on Spotlight, builtin apps and window management. Apple’s Craig Federighi gave an example of the kind of experience, showing how the cursor becomes larger and easily visible the moment you wake up the Mac. Other such new features include the ability to resize and move around Spotlight, which also supports natural language search, so you don’t necessarily have to focus on keywords. In El Capitan, users will also be able to pin tabs to Safari by simply dragging them to the left. When you click on a link from a pinned tab, it opens in a new tab – this ensures that your pinned sites remain in their original state.

As for performance, Federighi says that El Capitan is 1.4 times faster than Yosemite when it comes to app launch times. Apple is also bringing Metal to OS X, which Apple claims offers up to 40 percent greater rendering efficiency. Adobe has announced its commitment to adopting Metal for OS X.

OS X El Capitan will be available to developers today and as a public beta in July. It will be a free update when it launches in Fall.