Only thing worse than bad publicity is more bad publicity. Attesting to this phrase is HTC, which is getting some heavy flak from Delhi retail shop owners. A Twitter user tweeted pictures of posters outside mobile retail shops that advice buyers against HTC smartphones, as the company has poor after-sales service and does not make spare parts readily available.

Coming from Delhi retailers, that’s a pretty strong statement, and a huge blow to HTC’s otherwise decent image in the country. The poster reads, “Due to non availability of spare parts and poor service of HTC mobiles, we suggest customers to buy them on their own responsibility.”

This is a first of its sorts, and HTC has at least six registered service centers listed on its company website in New Delhi, with one in Noida as well, and many other third-party service centre partnerships in the region as well.

When Navbharat Times investigated with the retailers, it was revealed that the whole issue began from Karol Bagh’s grey market. The issue began when HTC refused to give warranty to shopkeepers’ in that area, and therefore an unregistered Delhi Mobile Sellers Association put these posters up in protest.

We reached out to HTC India, which refused to comment on the incident.