File-transfers between devices are not always simple. USB storage and other memory devices are relatively primitive and inconvenient way of recording to the cloud requires a connection to the Internet and, moreover, uploading files “gone somewhere”. Bluetooth or NFC for traffic again not ideal for handling large amounts of data. But Google is preparing a platform that promises to eliminate such problems.

The solution according to Google appoints Copresence. Surprisingly, this is not a new wireless technology, but rather approach the problem. The basis of all will be positioning both devices to be shared between data. So we still use the internet, local network or Bluetooth device but for us solve themselves what and how to use it. Maybe such an approach comes familiar, similar in fact to what Apple called AirDrop.
The big advantage of this solution is its ubiquity. Google thinks in somewhat larger scale than in Android. Already on incorporation of the concept of preparing other parts of the computer world. For example, in the source code of Google Chrome through it would be able to get the functionality on iOS.
It all works quite tempting. Although it is already possible to split the work on your computer at work, make some corrections through mobile devices in the way of the mobile device and then complete all the domestic notebook. Thus, with the only restriction that only work with text. Try to make the same thing if you clip video and suddenly you have a lot of fun. But if the concept Copresence gets into practical use, it could be the way thanks to the mobile device to get real freedom.