Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 are all people are talking about, and the hype is real. The smartphones come with glass back, which has been put there not only for aesthetic purpose, but also so they can support wireless charging. However, what Apple didn’t mention at the event is that the two smartphones also come with support for fast charging. However, you need to pay for it.

According to Apple’s product page for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the smartphones do mention of fast charging support onboard. And, that can only be achieved via USB Type-C cable and fast charger. The USB Type-C port is not new on Apple product as it has been present on the Mac and Mac Pro notebooks. However, Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 do not have USB-Type C port as part of their design. Instead, Apple iPhones come with company’s Lightning port and cable for charging and connectivity. Then how do you get fast-charging on the 2017 iPhones? Read on

You can charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus up to 50 percent in around 30-minutes. But to be able to do that, as 9t05Mac reports, you will need to get a USB-Type C adaptor and a USB Type-C to Lightning cable that could easily cost you around $49 and $25, respectively. In terms of India price, let us assume if you buy the iPhone X top variant with 128GB onboard storage for Rs 1,02,000, add another Rs 1000 to get fast-charging gear. Paying an extra 1000 bucks for fast charging, your iPhone X worth over a lakh sounds bizarre and we feel it. But that is how Apple’s close knit network of cable and adapters work.

All you can wish for right now is that Apple ships the latest iPhones with USB-Type C to Lightning cable out-of-the-box. That will save you some money. But to be honest that seems unlikely. According to the Apple’s listing the ‘in the box’ section doesn’t mention o a USB-Type C cable. The iPhone X will be available in India from November 3, while iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will start shipping from September 22.