Apple’s iPhones are already good at many things, be it looks, features or performance. But it seems the iPhone has another talent up its sleeves, something Apple has never advertised — it can stop bullets.

A graduate student in California has his iPhone to thank for being alive today. On his way back home, this student was approached by an armed robber who tried to make off with his computer bag. While struggling to keep hold of the bag, the attacker shot the student’s leg. But instead of injuring him, the bullet fortunately ricocheted off the iPhone in his pants’ pocket.

The iPhone, not surprisingly, shattered at the impact of the bullet, and there was no visible damage to the aforementioned student. While the student wouldn’t reveal his identity or talk to the press, his roommate Faris Alotaibi told the local media that his friend was left shaken by the incident. “The jeans were torn open and he showed me his iPhone and I saw the bullet was really clear on it. So it saved his life,” Faris said.

The iPhone’s bullet-stopping capabilities may not be as glamorous as Neo in The Matrix, but if the above incident is anything to go by, it is yet another reason to invest money in Apple’s smartphones.