Microsoft has released its first Windows 10 ads on Youtube with the message, “the future starts now.” According to the Verge, the company has produced five new ads, each using footage of children from across the globe as a voice over that explains that they will have an easier life because these kids will grow up with Windows 10.
Windows is shown with a quick montage of Hello, the Start menu, the Edge browser and Cortana. The voice overs say against shots of children in remote villages, ice fields, and central London “Imagine, these kids won’t have to remember passwords or obsess about security.” Another ad explains that the kids will be able to log in “with a smile.”Also, a 16-second ad explains, Cortana as a personal assistant than knows everything about a smiling baby in a bouncer. The ads will play across all major television networks in the US. They are also live in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Germany before rolling out to the rest of the world on July 29th.