Alongside the AIB video on neutrality, an email campaign was launched. A website called was made live that customized an email for you to send to TRAI pledging your support to net neutrality. Economic Times reports that the website has helped generate almost 1.5 lakh emails to TRAI in just two days. The AIB video gained so much traction, that as many as 10 emails per minute have been pouring in the last few hours.

“This is completely unprecedented. We thought we’ll get about 15,000 emails in 10 days,” Kiran Jonnalagadda, one of people behind the campaign told the publication. What AIB did is simplify the threatening consequences of the regulation change as per the TRAI consultation paper, and what #savetheInternet did is make the tedious process of emailing TRAI a whole lot simpler. This simplicity of process could be a major reason why the email campaign was such a big success.

To put things into perspective, net neutrality is built on the idea that all sites should be equally accessible, at the same speed, and if there is a cost of access, it should be the same for all. Telecom operators are reportedly lobbying to get TRAI to let them charge users for OTT services. Airtel has been facing a lot of flak because of its Airtel Zero initiative that violates basic principles of net neutrality.

Many tech leaders and netizens are strongly opposing the idea of an Internet that will stifle innovation and startup growth. TRAI is welcoming emails till April 24, and you too can put in your voice to use by supporting net neutrality. Head over to and share the link with the hashtag #SaveTheInternet on social platforms.