LG has been awarded a new design patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which shows off hybrid phone-smartwatch with a bendable display.

The design is concerned with a thin slate smartphone that can wrap itself around the watch bracelet by bending backwards on the top and the bottom. This will let the phone assume shape of the bracelet and convert itself into a giant screened smartwatch. The design sketches however offer no clarity on how exactly the smartphone will be clamped to the bracelet.


G has already made substantial breakthrough when it comes to curved screens with G Flex and the much recent G Flex 2 which feature an OLED screen that can bend and curve. A LG roadmap leaked towards the end of last year, also hinted at wearables with bendable displays.

As with most design patents, this strap on phone-smartwatch hybrid concept seems be far from reality. It would be difficult to manufacture a full-fledged smartphone of minimum thickness, as the innards of the phone including the chips should be flexible. Another aspect is the fact that the phone has to withstand the fatigue of several repetitive bends which in current scenario seems impossible. Anyways the patents might give us a glimpse on how the smart watches might evolve several years from now.