Samsung is widely expected to unveil its first-ever circular smartwatch, codenamed Orbis, at MWC next month. According to Korea Herald, unlike the current smartwatches in Samsung’s portfolio, the Orbis will look more like a traditional watch in order to appeal to a wider audience.

The publication reveals some of the features on the forthcoming smartwatch, which is in line with previous leaks. The Orbis will boast a circular display similar to the Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch R, and will also feature rotating bezel ring as well.

This ring will be used for navigating through menus. Other functions for the ring are expected to include scrolling through recent apps, going through widgets, and notifications among others. Users will also be able to dismiss or snooze alarms, skip music tracks, accept or reject calls, and end active calls.

Similar to Samsung’s current smartwatches, the Orbis too will run on Tizen operating system. The UI will also include swipe-based gestures — swiping up will reveal settings like Bluetooth, brightness and battery, while swiping down will reveal the recent apps.

In addition to being the first smartwatch in the company’s lineup to boast a circular display, the Orbis will also be the first wearable in the portfolio to feature wireless charging.

The publication reiterates that Samsung will be unveiling the Orbis at MWC next month. The smartwatch is expected to share the spotlight alongside the Galaxy S6. The flagship smartwatch is expected to be available in multiple variants, including one with a curved display called Galaxy S Edge.