Keeping its promise, Pebble has begun a countdown to February 24 on its website indicating that something new is coming up. Revealing no further details, 9to5Mac dished some scoop out from its sources, and looks like a new watch with great iterations to hardware and software is set to be unveiled.

The new Pebble watch will be thinner with more circumference on the dial. The company will introduce colour e-paper like display, and is said to priced similar to the Pebble Steel smartwatch which currently retails at $199.

The report states that the new watch still won’t see touch screen capabilities, but will have an in-built microphones which will evolve the app portfolio for the Pebble platform even more.

The new watch will don a plastic body with aluminium edges, and have charging and data transfer pins placed at the bottom. It will also have better backlight and run on Cortex M4 processor with a 6-axis gyroscope. However, the USP will be its completely redesigned operating system. The UI has new animations, look, and many new features that have been manufactured with a fresh mind on the drawing board.

Pebble announced this month that they have managed to sell a million smartwatches since its inception in 2013. The current offerings by the company include a standard Pebble watch for $99. It features fitness-oriented settings like sleep tracking while also beaming notifications from smartphone and access to apps and more while offering up to seven days of battery life. The other one is Pebble Steel which offers the same functionalities but comes with an improved display protected by Gorilla Glass and a stainless steel body. Pebble works with both iOS and Android.