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It’s been more than a month, and we still don’t know for sure who was behind the Sony Pictures hack. Authorities are pointing fingers at North Korea, and most of the evidence supports it too. However, there is no confirmation. The hack was clearly the biggest cyber crime of 2014, garnering huge loss of creative data for the company. And now, what seems like a fitting bygone, there is a website on the Internet making fun of it all. The website is called the Sony Hack Attribution Generator, and every time you hit refresh, it shifts the blame to another party.

The website has been created by Kevin Thompson, Bob Rudis and Alex Pinto. The platform provides an in-depth explanation to every party that is attributed to the Sony hack. Every time you hit refresh, the website blames the Sony hack to either North Korea, Bulgarian state-affiliated actor or even the Sony manager.

“Hit refresh on your browser and you’ll get a new and exciting version of what happened complete with “evidence” linking the crime to some random country,” the page reads.

It is quite awesome how elaborately detailed this joke is. It even reflects the loopholes in our cyber crime management techniques. Pinto, a security researcher and data scientist confirmed that the website has already garnered 10,000 hits.

Heh, has over 10k page views now. Great work, people! Keep refreshing and we are bound to hit what actually happened.

— Alex Pinto (@alexcpsec) January 7, 2015

For a good laugh, visit the website here.