As promised last month, New Zealand-based entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom has launched a new video chat service called MegaChat. The service, which he is positioning as a Skype rival is a browser-based encrypted video calling platform boasting file-sharing capabilities. MegaChat is still in beta, which explains why some people are having issues connecting and talking with their friends.

MegaChat comes with what is being called Controlled Encryption (UCE), which gives users an access key, without which your files won’t be accessible. The service works without any software or plug-in, but there is an extension available for both Chrome and Firefox which will supposedly boost performance and enhance security.

Last month when Kim Dotcom teased about MegaChat, he noted that Skype (and other services) aren’t as privacy-friendly as they should be. His point was that while both the services offer a great amount of encryption, they will still have to turn their users’ data to NSA when ordered. In order to show how secure the service is, Dotcom announced that he will be rewarding people who can find loopholes in MegaChat.