Google Now has been one of the most resourceful feature in Android. Google has announced a new feature for the Google Now app which will make sure that you get the right information at the right time and that too without asking for it. Google Now will no longer just rely on your search history or Gmail inbox and instead taps information from over 40 apps like Pandora, TripAdvisor, Bookmyshow, Housing and ICICI Bank. This is indeed a clever feature as it will remind you about almost everything starting from some household chores to the upcoming credit card payment.

This new feature will take Google Now to an entirely new league and leave the other virtual assistants far behind. Google has leveraged its reach with the Google services and has meticulously integrated the applications into the Google Now. We are but sure that Google will partner with more apps and services to further enhance Google Now’s sixth sense.

Here is how your day can start with the new Google Now, Starting from the morning it will help you keep in pace with the news of the day. while commuting the Pandora app can help you out with recommendations about what music to play. Suppose you are traveling to a new place it will push a Now card from Tripadvisor with a list of places you can visit. Another bit which we found interesting was that Google Now will remind you if your favorite artist is up for a concert in your city.