At its ongoing event at Redmond, Microsoft is talking about the “next chapter” of its operating system, Windows 10. As expected, the company took the wraps off its latest web browser Spartan. “I’m excited to introduce you to…codename Project Spartan,” said Joe Belfiore, company’s chief of operating system for mobile and devices. The Spartan browser is an universal application, and will be available across devices.

Spartan does resemble the Chrome and Firefox browsers. It also comes with Cortana integration, which is designed to fetch and display information like bookings, flights, hotel, package tracking, and other data in within the browser. “A new rendering engine under the covers. It has a new look and feel, it fits right in with Windows 10 applications,” Belfiore added.



The Spartan also supports annotations on web-pages, letting you write and draw on top of it. It also lets you take notes. The company is touting the Cortana integration, insisting that it is the only web-browser with personal assistant service.