Kickstarter is responsible for many success stories. Some innovations get lost in the vortex, while some find huge amounts of backing, and funds to even showcase their projects at big events like CES. One such company is FUZ Designs, whose Noke Bluetooth lock got $652,828 in funding, while their goal was $100,000. The device is on display at CES, and SlashGear’s Nate Swanner hovered around their desk to tell us exactly how cool the smart lock is.

So with Noke, you can forget about keys. You can unlock, lock and share the lock encryption from your phone. So in essence the traditional lock and key is all but history. The Noke pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and then just unlocks via the app. Just in case, you don’t have your phone, there is Morse code-like password (basically you just tap the device multiple times in a particular fashion, and it unlocks itself).

The app shows you the history of unlocks and locks on the Noke to keep a track of things. It also shows you the data of all the people you shared your lock with. The app keeps track of multiple Noke locks, just in case you have the Noke securing multiple things. Every time someone unlocks the Noke, except for you, the app sends you a notification alert about it. FUZ designs has created a series of Noke locks for different products like bikes, vaults and of course doors.

The device in the video shared by Swanner has an aluminum body, but the shipped device will be made of steel. Noke is currently in beta mode, but is set to be shipped to backers in a month or two. All those interested to pre-order can do it on their website, and FUZ promises to ship it in April.