LG just won’t give up on webOS. After implementing the platform for its range of smart TVs, LG is now looking at smartwatches running on the failed platform. And it might just work if the LG Audi smartwatch is any indication.

The Korean electronics giant has made smartwatches before, just last year the company released two Android Wear-powered wristwatches. But what makes the still-officially-nameless product different is its webOS software.

The smartwatch, which is merely a prototype at the moment, comes with a center button, which opens a list of apps with icons wrapped around the card-like interface. In that list of apps are a messaging app, music, calendar, a bunch of voice-enabled apps, email and an Audi app that allows you to control a paired vehicle over NFC. The app drawer also has a dialer, and while it is not known if the wristwatch is capable of making phone calls, The Verge confirms that it has cellular connectivity and the display does show cellular signal strength.

Made of stainless steel, with a leather strap, the display of the wearable has sapphire crystal coating. The watch is also water-resistant. Its design resembles the G Watch R design from last year, but it looks more premium and expensive. The publication also notes that all the apps seem well optimized for the circular screen and look beautiful. Inside the smartwatch sits a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.

While the smartwatch’s name is not confirmed yet, Android Central notes that it heard “LG W” and saw “LG-W120L” as the model name on it. There’s no word on when we can expect this smartwatch in the market.