Back in November last year, Apple released WatchKit API for developers to create apps for the Watch. We might finally have our first look at a game specially designed for the wearable device, TouchArcade reports.

Game developer NimbleBit has developed a word puzzle game called “Letterhead,” with the objective to form letters related to a specific topic. The game consists 3×3 grid of letters and will feature 200 puzzles. Users will also be able to customized challenge or puzzles and share them with their friends.

The Watch’s small screen may not be the most ideal for gaming, but simple games like Letterhead seem optimized for the wearable device. There is also the case of the rumored limited battery life, and it would be interesting to see how well the device copes up with such games.

The details on pricing and availability are still unclear and this game is not expected to hit the stores until after the Apple Watch is released. Speaking of which, rumors have pegged for a March launch, with prices starting from $349.