Toyota will market from 2015 vehicles can communicate independently with each other and with the road infrastructure. They will be available only in Japan.

The connected car will move from the laboratory to the street. In 2015, Toyota will equip some communication systems models that can communicate with other vehicles and a dedicated infrastructure. They will be fitted as an option, via the package of safety equipment “Toyota Safety Sense P”.
The communication will be via the frequency of 760 MHz. It will be used primarily to cars equipped to exchange information on their speed and adjust their speed control based on that of the previous car. Such a device will reduce at the same time the risk of traffic jam.



The cars will also provide dedicated infrastructures. At intersections where visibility is poor, information on vehicles and pedestrians and oncoming detected by sensors above the road, will be transmitted to the car. In case of danger, the driver will be so warned.
Of course, the effectiveness of these features depend on the number of cars equipped and will equip the road infrastructure.