The distribution of sales of the two models of iPhone 6 will definitely spilled much ink. A new study of American society AppLovin specializing in lapublicité on mobile, yesterday released the results of its study on the issue, but this time by country.

Based on its own figures (25 billion daily requests) to conclude that the average ratio 6 iPhone / iPhone 6 Plus is 80/20. Slightly different figures from those seen previously without being poles apart.

If one is interested in the country figures, we can see quite clearly that Asian countries are more fond of the phablet that the old continent or the United States. Among them are China and Japan with ratios of 64/36 and 65/35. The record from the Philippines with 37% of iPhone 6 Plus. Australia looks for its relatively little excited Apple Phablet, with only 17% market share.

The question is what are the exact reasons for these differences, it seems in any case it is not new. Last April a study by Kantar found that nearly 40% smarpthones users in China opt for greater than 5 inches diagonal.