Little known outside his native Finland Jolla, founded by former Nokia in 2011, returns to the front of the stage today with a tablet called simply Jolla Tablet OS powered by his home Sailfish OS and c is what makes the difference no doubt.

Because the characteristics of the slate are actually quite conventional, comparable to what is found in a Mini iPad 3, 9 or a Nexus in its recent compatriot N1 Nokia: IPS screen 7.9 inch 1536 x 2048 64-bit quad-core processor 1.8 GHz Intel, 2GB RAM or 32GB of expandable storage.

Only thing that really seems to be the place below its competitors: a battery of 4300 mAh. All this in 203 x 137 x 8.3 mm for 384 grams. There are also sensors 5 and 2 megapixels. Sailfish OS will do the rest.


Because the system is in fact the true differentiating element of the Finnish brand. Two slogans: multitasking and anonymity. Inherited from his smartphone, the OS for feature flagship the ability to view multiple applications at the same time on the screen.

Based on Linux, it can make the native application running, but can also execute code written for Android, which is expected to benefit from an ecosystem rather provided. A community of developers will eventually propose others. Jolla believes in Open Source, and this also applies to the OS itself.

“We Finns” credo anti NSA

In terms of anonymity, the firm builds an argument that could be summarized as “we are Finns.” No Google, no NOS, no backdoors, our servers are located in Europe and we do not share your data. This is a caricature, but it’s actually quite true and the speech more sense in the world “according to Snowden.”

Jolla chose to go through Indiegogo to finance part of its development slate. The purpose of the companion launched today is 380 000 dollars on 21 days. It is already reached and exceeded, as saying that success is waiting for you. First deliveries scheduled for May 2015, the price is set at $ 199 and will be available in France. Attractive to the paper.