The highly acclaimed Motorola Moto 360 will now come in different colors and look . In a sneak published on Amazon’s store card , the smartwatch recently appeared in a champagne-colored livery , with a metal strap 18 mm wide and a gold box . Today , Motorola confirmed that it intends to release new versions of its shows connected in addition to the versions sold 249 euros and with a leather strap 22 mm.

New materials and prices revised upwards

Indeed, the manufacturer introduced a series of stainless steel bracelets of different colors and sizes . So for 299 dollars , it is possible to choose a Moto 360 with a metal or black color 23 mm stainless steel bracelet. The golden version already happening now officially unveiled and is aimed particularly women with less imposing its strap (18 mm). She is accompanied by a metal color versions. For these models, however the price is inflated to 329.99 dollars , despite a smaller bracelet. It is possible to purchase a single bracelet, to replace that of a 360 Moto already purchased.

Motorola also announced the arrival of new dials for Android Wear and updated applications fitness and health shows . (EP )