Most round design , materials used, honorable independence.
Least Android specific limitations Wear, solid design that will not please everyone , autonomy is better than other competing products, this remains insufficient.
Summary With the Moto 360, the LG G Watch R remains the most successful shows connected to us. Like its competitors, it suffers from the limitations of Android Wear , the system behind it.
Fashion enthusiasts finally have a watch connected they will not ashamed to put on their wrist . While the LG G Watch boiled down to a black square case uninspired , the new R G Watch shows new design . It mixes leather, metal housing and rounded dials to create a smartwatch it is difficult to distinguish from a classic watch . Even the most demanding esthete will be hard not to love him.

Under the hood is the same Wear Android software with a Bluetooth connection to smartphones running Android 4.3 and above to display notifications and alerts other Google Now . Watch G R is available and costs 270 euros .



We were immediately seduced by the rounded design of this watch. This is not the first model to adopt this form – Motorola has had the scoop with Moto 360 – G Watch R but really looks like a watch and not a disc with a bracelet.

The glass is not flush with the casing but recessed, surrounded by a beveled metal frame in which are carved notches and numbers for easy reading hours ( when displaying needles on the screen). The home button is shaped to resemble a real crown while the bracelet is made of a fairly rigid leather initially, which should soften with time.



The mounting system makes it easy to change the strap by another model with a width of 22 mm. Finally, the G Watch R really looks like a classic watch , which is precisely the objective of this type of object , because it is above all fashion accessories. The minimalist look of the Moto 360 is certainly prettier than a black square , but it seems that this is a reference model designed to promote the operating system rather than a product meticulously tweaked .

If for us the G Watch R is the most beautiful smartwatch the time , his style will not please everyone. Its angular and large enough black front gives it an aggressive appearance. Conversely, the Asus Zenwatch takes the opposite with her slim body , curved and rose gold colors . The fact that the screen is recessed into the housing provides a totally different experience from the Moto 360 at certain gestures on the touch screen where the finger abuts strapping .

On the back of the watch , is the heart rate sensor which works quite well , although sometimes you adjust the watch on the wrist. The housing is waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes (IP 67) , which means you can keep it when you wash your hands or take a shower. An integrated microphone allows you to receive voice commands, but there is no speaker , which means that we can not receive calls.



The screen
Watch G R has a 1.3 inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. This is the definition that is found on most Android Wear watches , including Moto 360. But on the latter , part of the display is truncated and its diagonal is slightly larger 1.5 inch . We have already given our opinion on the presence of the bar in the lower part of the Moto 360 is not very happy.

This is not the case of the G Watch R , which means that the dials are displayed in their entirety , which is not only aesthetic but reinforces the feeling that we are dealing with a classic watch . The screen is of good quality . This is a P- OLED panel (P for plastic) with deep blacks , good contrast and is bright enough .

Android wearable
There is a variety of dials, starting with the common models for all Android watches Wear. LG also offers several classic models inspired dials that really put the watch in value. They offer hands and numerals to the metallic appearance , black backgrounds that blend well with the housing and give it a more realistic style. In addition to giving the time , some of these dials provide other information . One dedicated to fitness , for example, shows the number of steps, while international dial enables two other time zones.



If you’ve used Android Wear a watch , there is no absolutely no surprise regarding the interface, which is the same on all models . The home screen is dial , notifications appear in the lower half of the screen and a finger swipe gesture cycles through these alerts or other cards. The most common notifications are counting not performed , recorded events in the calendar or the information on your regular travel .

” SlowK Google”
A sweep to the left reveals more details on the active card will launch the contextual application. A sweep to the right removes the card. You can use voice commands to set the alarm, check the weather , or view your schedule . G Watch R performs these tasks safely or failures , including voice commands that can be expressed in natural language after pronouncing the ritual phrase “OK Google” .

However, sometimes the start of the voice function is not instantaneous , which causes an unpleasant slow and causes misfires. The email dictation is not very efficient. The text takes several seconds to be displayed and there is no way to correct any mistakes. In our tests , we even got the application stops listening and sends the message before it is finished.


While most applications display notifications on the watch , some make it a little more, but they are still too few. We need developers and Google are working together to extend the capabilities of third-party applications via Android Wear so that watches can become really more useful in everyday life.

G R Watch has 4GB of storage and , thanks to a recent update, can play music files without being connected to a mobile . But as there is no headphone jack , use a Bluetooth wireless headset . The music is charged via the Google Play Music application. Unlike Android, the Android Wear interface is customized by the manufacturers. The reason is simple : Google wants to ensure that users have the same grip, whatever the model and brand . It is also to help developers so they do not have to adapt their applications to different software versions , screen sizes, resolutions, as is the case with Android smartphones and tablets


Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 1.2 GHz with 512 MB of RAM. Navigating the interface is as smooth with the Moto 360. The watch embeds 4GB of storage but has no GPS , which means that it needs to connect to a smartphone to record your route.

Battery life and charge
The poor autonomy is a feature common to all current connected watches. Watch G R is doing a little better than some of its rivals. With a sparing use of vocal function , we were able to hold two full days before needing recharging. This is much better than the Moto 360 to plug all the same night with less intensive use. However, we still recommend charging the G Watch R in the late afternoon . For, although autonomy is better than the Moto 360 , it can still be improved . This applies to all current smartwatches .


Charging the Watch G R is done by connecting a magnetic docking station connected by micro USB cable to the wall outlet . Better not forget where otherwise see the watch movement to transform inert bracelet. The Moto 360 also uses a docking station for charging, but it has the advantage of transforming the clock bedside alarm clock with a specific dial. It is also a good way to remember to charge it .

Thanks to its design and choice of housing magnificent dials, Watch G R is unquestionably shows Android Wear the most attractive market . Its good autonomy also gives him an advantage. The problem is not the hardware, it’s Android Wear that is not yet complete . It brings nothing essential or exciting , and some functions do not work as well as we might wish.

It is necessary that the interface is evolving to offer more interaction with third-party applications and ensure that Android Wear is not a passing novelty. If you’re a fan of Android and looking for a smartwatch , G Watch R is what you need . But if you are looking for a new medium , you have to wait .