While BlackBerry is still making a return into the spotlight, it just got one of its biggest endorsements — for free! US President Barack Obama, bound for Las Vegas, nearly ran back into the official residence because he had forgotten his BlackBerry, Mashable reports.

Headed to Las Vegas for his speech on immigration, Obama boarded the waiting Marine One chopper, only to emerge within minutes and bounded back to his official residence. With White House reporters looking at the President running, Obama said, “I forgot something.”

Moments later he reappeared asking the group of reporters, “Didn’t you guys ever forget something?” So what is it that Obama forgot? “I forgot my BlackBerry,” he said, smiling and holding his phone.

This is one endorsement loyal BlackBerry fans would be proud of. The company, as mentioned above, is on a comeback trail, and has largely shifted its focus from hardware to software. It however still makes one of the most secure devices around and US government officials are sticking by them. While there has been news about the White House looking at trying out devices running on Google’s Android platform, a spokesperson recently clarified that for the time being they are sticking with BlackBerry.

The Canadian company recently launched the BlackBerry Passport, which has largely received positive reviews all around. Next in line is the Classic, which is the company’s way of going back to its roots (read: smartphones with QWERTY keypad and a trackpad).