we were hoping to spend your Christmas bonus in a brand new Apple Watch? Apparently this may be complicated. Keynote at the September 9, Tim Cook announced a release “early next year” for his watch, but perhaps it was not until the spring to pass around the wrist.

9to5Mac managed to get their hands on the transcript of a video message sent Angela Ahrendts Apple Store employees. The great patron of the apple stores explains its employees need to conserve energy for future periods: Christmas, Chinese New Year, and finally the launch of a “new watch spring” sweeping more or less promises Apple boss.

Remember that spring officially begins on March 20 and the Chinese New Year takes place on 19 February. It was during the first 6 months of the year, so we’re still in the “early 2015”. Tim Cook is far remained very evasive about the release of his watch, he can play (played?) Words. Remains whether this has always been the true time provided or if the watch is subjected to a further delay.

The charger cause?

In September, rumors that Apple already left “would be lucky” if the watch came on Valentine’s Day. Apparently the delay, or at least the difficulties are to be found in the magazine.

If Apple manage to achieve independence day, the company now seek to speed up reloading his watch with the induction charger. It would thus make various optimizations before launching the product.

This problem is solved, the Cupertino company may proceed to the sale itself. Angela Ahrendts and Tim Cook have also a rather unusual plan to convince customers to buy the smartwatch. Where the iPhone, iPad and Mac are attached to locks, they would ensure that potential buyers can try the watch. This indeed makes sense for an object that can be brought to bear and sellers should be specially trained for the occasion. With fighting techniques and more to prevent theft?