Google has announced a new open source project called “YouTube WatchMe for Android.” This project essentially aims at giving third-party developers the ability to include live broadcasting capabilities in their apps.

The project is available on GitHub, and Google has also included a reference app, which lets users start a live streaming session by clicking the Streaming button, and end the session by clicking the End Event button. In addition to hosting live streaming sessions, the app also allows users to share them via social networking sites including Google+. The company has however warned that the project is still in an experimental phase, so developers could face a few bugs.

YouTube has already offered live streaming functionalities for quite some time now, which allows users to capture and share live events. But, WatchMe is focused more on mobile users, who can instantly start and share live events from their Android devices.

Google has also said that the functionality will be similar to what some companies like Sony and HTC offer. The former has an app called Live on YouTube by – Xperia, while the latter has an app called RE, which is basically a companion app for its recently launched RE Camera.

If you’re interested in trying out YouTube’s WatchMe for Android, you should head over to GitHub.