Samsung enjoyed watching its rival’s iPhone 6 Plus bend, and even took numerous jabs at it. But now the Korean company finds itself in a difficult situation, wherein contrary to its own claims, the Galaxy Note 4 has failed the bend test.

The “bendgate” fiasco took another turn recently when Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy bent the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 with his bare hands. In the video, Lewis put the exact same pressure as he did to iPhone 6 Plus and found that the Note 4 also bends from the same position – beneath the lower volume button.

The only good thing to come out of the demonstration for Samsung is that its flagship phablet isn’t as bendy as the iPhone 6 Plus. Furthermore, unlike Apple’s phablet, Note 4 doesn’t get any noticeable dent mark, and is surprisingly good at regaining back to its original state…well almost. As Lewis found, with a little bit of work, one can easily bring back the device to its original shape.

Lewis also took this opportunity to address all the fanboys who believe that he is putting an insane amount of force into the handsets, and using bare hands isn’t a standard durability test. “The bend tests are not the be-all and end-all of durability testing on a phone; they are the far end of the spectrum,” Hilsenteger says. “I can’t possibility replicate six months, a year or two years of ownership in a video that comes out two weeks after the phone is out. In some circumstances, we have to push the boundaries because you are going to be the owner of the device for two years, maybe more, and it’s a significant investment,” he added.

It remains to be seen how the Galaxy Note 4, which is yet to ship in a vast majority of regions fares in normal uses. So far we are yet to hear any consumer complaint about the bending issue of Note 4. Though, the handset may have another manufacturing defect. Samsung is said to be planning on launching its flagship phablet in India on October 14.