One of the most awaited and upcoming Blackberry phones for this year is the Passport, which was announced last month. In previous reports, the square-ish smartphone has reportedly sold out twice already.

As for Blackberry CEO John Chen, he is perfectly happy that they are having shortages when it comes to supplies.


According to a report by Phone Arena, the phone maker is satisfied with how the market has accepted the Passport.

“I’m glad to have inventory issues. It shows that people want the phone. We took a very conservative approach and didn’t order too many.” says Chen in an interview.

The Passport is certainly one of the best-performing smartphones of the Canada-based manufacturer in years. The last time the company sold more than 50 million phones, it was four years ago. Last year, that number went down to just about 16 million units.

No wonder a lot of people believed that 2013 would be the last of the once top phone maker. But like Nokia, Blackberry was slow to embrace the smartphone market, and by the time it developed its own Blackberry OS, Android, iOS and even the struggling Windows Phone were already miles ahead.

However, 2014 has been a reemergence of the phone maker. While the Blackberry Passport is aimed at the enterprise and high-end market, the company’s upcoming Blackberry Classic is the midranger that Blackberry loyalists would surely love.

Now that the company already knows how much its new square smartphone is admired by potential consumers, we’ll expect the manufacturer to ship more units and satisfy demands from all over the world.

Is the Blackberry Passport a smartphone you would invest in?