Google has released Google Fit, a standalone app that let users track their fitness goals. The app captures your run-of-the-mill activity, as well as supports third-party app integrations and Android Wear devices.

Announced in June, the app is essentially a set of APIs that permits developers to combine data for deeper insights. The app uses sensors that are already built-in your Android phone. Essentially, Google Fit is the company’s answer to Apple’s HealthKit.

Available on Android, Fit will track all your movements including walking, running, biking and cycling throughout the day. Users can set different fitness goals and check the progress on the app. One can access the data on phone, tablet, and on the web.

All users are required to do is download and install the app on their phone, and sign-in with their Google account. One can also connect their other fitness devices and apps including Strava, Withings, Runtastic, and Runkeeper to Google Fit, and the app will fetch information from all the said services to provide a broader view of your fitness.