What we liked

With its brushed aluminium finish, stylish metal buttons and a soft and pristine white back cover, the Lumia 830is a work of art that reminds us of why we once loved Nokia. Though, its makers insist on us using Microsoft devices, we follow our heart. The other coloured back covers — green, red — add edge with a premium mix of colours and style. At 150 gm, it is light weight and is backed by a slim body (8.5 mm) as well.



Display: It sports a 5-inch IPS LCD display, offering a resolution of 1280×720 (density 296ppi). Though, the pixel density may not be in the awesome range (350 and above), the clear black display makes browsing on the Lumia 830 fun and comforting to the eyes, compared to most high-density devices we’ve reviewed earlier. Colours are reproduced well on the screen. Despite its screen size, the Lumia 830 doesn’t appear bulky.

Hardware: The Lumia 830 runs on a 2200mAh battery, offering power for 24 hours with some juice still left. Processing speed is on track with the 1.2 GHz quadcore Snapdragon 400 Processor; it can play a few graphic-heavy games too; the devices heat up during games. The in-built storage is 16 GB, of which around 7 GB is available to users, but it can be extended up to 128 GB. With two cameras: 0.9MP in the front and 10MP at the back with Zeiss optics. The rear camera can be controlled by a separate camera button.

OS and user experience: The in-built camera app ensures photography is enriching since you’re able to control factors like aperture, speed, ISO and exposure, easily. The Windows Phone 8.1 OS with Lumia Denim enhances the experience as they can slip in more apps on the home page, and post icons within sub-groups.

What we didn’t like
Like most smartphones, it gets heated while playing games. But we found the Lumia 830 heats up as soon as the mercury rises, even with simple browsing. Keeping it in stand-by mode will solve the issue.

Final verdict
If you’re looking for a premium smartphone, with Windows interface, this is a buy. But if you live in a hot region, skip it. Keeping its specs in mind, and the models in this range, it might be an expensive option.
Available at: all major stores