Apple replaces user’s iPad for free after NASA rocket mishap

iPad free replacement
Thursday October 30, 2014, 7:29 PM
Yesterday’s NASA private Antares rocket mishap had a rather peculiar casualty. Along with the rocket that blasted seconds after the launch, a bystander witnessing the moment also had his iPad knocked down into a swamp, after which it refused to turn on. However, in a happier turn of events, Apple keeping its goodwill alive, replaced the iPad with a new one free of cost.

The user posted his story on Reddit saying that he had never seen a rocket launch before, so he decided to drive six hours to the spot where he could witness it. He further added, “I setup my iPad to take a time lapse on the ledge of the road, it was being held by the Smart Cover. Rocket launches and everything looks good, but then it blows up, about 15 seconds later the shockwaves comes and knocks my iPad down into the swamp. I can’t see it because the water is so murky and when I finally get it, it doesn’t turn on so I lost the video also. Tried cleaning it and plugging it into iTunes nothing happens.”

Fellow Redditors urged the man to go to the Apple’s Genius Bar and share his grievance. Upon insistence, he took the iPad to the store and much to his surprise, the manager gave him a free replacement. He got a 16GB in place of his current 64GB, but he was grateful of this Apple’s gesture.

He explains his experience at the store on Reddit, “I just went to the Genius Bar and explained what happened. He called out the manager and the manager said “I think we’ve officially seen it all” she then offered a free replacement but on 16GB instead of 64 which I had (not complaining). This is why I can’t leave Apple, It’s not a refurb either.”

Apple sure knows how to keep its customers happy.