The iPhone 6 Plus isn’t as bendy as many reports would have you believe. Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization ran a stress test on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and concluded that not only the handset strong enough to resist the warping, but it is also more durable than many other popular phones.

The organization used an Instron Compression machine and threw Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One (M8), LG G3, as well as iPhone 5 into the mix. After running the “three-point flexural” examination, which involved applying the pressure of 10 pounds, then letting the device regain its position, and then applying twice the pressure, the report concluded that iPhone 6 Plus won’t start deforming until you have forced it against a 90-pound body. The same investigation saw HTC One (M8) warp at 70 pounds. The iPhone 5 was able to resist until 130 pounds, while the Galaxy Note 3 topped the chart with 150 pounds. Interestingly, the iPhone 6, much like HTC One (M8) also began to bend at 70 pounds.


Earlier this week, Apple let a few journalists tour its secret testing labs at Cupertino, where the company investigates on the quality and durability of the device before announcing them fit for use.


The whole iPhone 6 Plus bending fiasco began earlier this week, when several users reported that their iPhones were bending when kept inside the pocket of a tight trouser. It was later confirmed by Lou of Unbox Therapy, who demonstrated how easily the new iPhones were bending. Apple was panned by nearly everyone on social media including rival companies, and this entire fiasco was termed “Bendgate.”